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Since joining Pink Realty in 2015, Jessica has prided herself in her commitment and heartfelt drive to serve her clients’ best interests. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed to finding the perfect fit for her clientele. Her continued commitment to her clients has resulted in a continuously expanding network of loyal clients and referrals. In the words of a recent client, “Jessica redefined accommodating”. Jessica does her best to put her client’s needs first and work around their schedules. From existing homes to new builds, Jessica has great experience with both. A true leader in the industry, Jessica continues to get the best in client reviews while exceeding her clients' expectations. She has accepted over 25 awards as a leader in the industry at Pink Realty. Her commitment to her clients has led to her being the Top Agent year after year.


  •  2015: Best in Buyer Agency Conversion
  •  2016: Most Team Client Referrals, Best in Builder Conversions, Best in Customer Service Reviews, Best in Client Diligence, Most Team Closings, Highest Sales Volume
  •  2017: Highest Sales Volume Runner Up, Lead Producer of the Year, Most Team Client Referrals
  •  2018: Highest Sales Volume, Most Pink Team Client Referrals
  •  2019: Best in Customer Service Reviews, Most New Home Sales, Highest Sales Volume, Chairman Award, Most Closings
  •  2020: Most Closings Runner Up, Most New Home Sales, Highest Sales Volume Runner Up, Chairman Award
  •  2021: Most Closings, Presidents Club Award, Highest Sales Volume
  •  2022: Presidents Club Award, Highest Sales Volume, Most Closings


Bachelor's in Political Science with a Master's in Social Work


Prior to obtaining a Real Estate License, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for a VA Medical Hospital in Illinois while helping veterans and their families establish both inpatient and outpatient treatment plans. When transitioning out of the social work career, it was important that I find a position where I can continue to help care for people. Practicing real estate has been a perfect transition as it has allowed me to fulfill my desire to look out for the interests of others and help them to establish a solid real estate plan. 


Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security-Widefield, Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, Larkspur, Peyton, Pueblo West, Cascade, Woodland Park, and Divide

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