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Making Life Better Foundation

The Making Life Better Foundation was established by The Challenger Group of companies yet encompasses a larger purpose than any one company can meet.

The Making Life Better Foundation exists to advance humanity’s access to housing and the basic necessities of life.

non-operating private foundation

The Making Life Better Foundation was established by The Challenger Group of companies yet encompasses a larger purpose than any one company can meet.

what "making life better" means to us

Welcome to Westover Homes, where dreams become reality. We are proud to share the heartwarming success story of our client, Todd, as we helped him achieve his lifelong dream of owning an accessible home. Meet Todd, a resilient individual in his 50s who had always aspired to own a home tailored to his unique needs. Todd faced a significant challenge; he couldn't find a builder who could provide the necessary handicap modifications within his budget. With unwavering determination and a commitment to making Todd's dream a reality, Westover Homes stepped in. We understood the importance of creating a home that not only met Todd's accessibility requirements but also exceeded his expectations. The result was nothing short of pure happiness, as Todd and his dedicated caretaker, Tracey, successfully closed the deal just yesterday. Their faces lit up with joy, and tears of happiness flowed freely. It was a moment that epitomized the power of realizing a dream. One of the key modifications we made was the installation of an exterior ramp, ensuring Todd's easy access to his new home. We also widened one of the bathroom doors and replaced it with a stylish and functional barn door, enhancing both the accessibility and aesthetics of the space. It's important to note that the rest of the home was already wheelchair accessible, offering Todd the comfort and freedom he had long yearned for.

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"Willing To Refer" 2023 Pinnacle Award

Brian Bahr, the esteemed CEO of The Challenger Group, is seen with a beaming smile as he presents the 2023 Pinnacle Award to Lori Anderson, the visionary CEO of Westover Homes, in the heart of North Carolina. The award presented by Brian Bahr on behalf of Westover Homes symbolizes the culmination of tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence. Notably, Westover Homes has reached the remarkable milestone of achieving a 100% "Willing to Refer" rating which they achieved these modifications with at no charge, a testament to their exceptional service and the trust they have garnered from their clients.

.1% of all westover homes sales go to the making life better foundation



The Making Life Foundation

The Making Life Better Foundation was established by The Challenger Group of companies yet encompasses a larger purpose than any one company can meet. Initial funding was made as a cash gift. Ongoing funding is being made by multiple individuals and companies. Since the Making Life Better Foundation is supported by organizations across multiple states, the foundation gives back in the communities from where the funds are sourced.

what we do



The Down Payment Assistance Program assists individuals in obtaining down payment assistance to purchase a home through existing down payment assistance programs. If they are unable to qualify for existing programs, yet are Low to Moderate income buyers, the Foundation may provide down payment assistance to purchase any existing or new home with a Grant that matches the Buyer’s Down Payment (must be self-provided) of up to 2.5% of Purchase Price.


Create and sponsor self-reliance workshops:

t Personal Finance
t Finding or Upgrading Employment
t Advancing with Education

Many people don’t understand basic personal finance and, unfortunately, even college graduates often aren’t taught these principles. Further, many don’t understand how their personal choices and habits affect their financial status. Instead of just providing financial assistance, The Make Life Better Foundation offers Financial Self-Reliance Workshops that help to change an individual’s mindset. We bless those in need with the education needed to break The Poverty Cycle.


– Grant Homes: Gainfully employed, low-income families may qualify for a Grant Home, which the foundation sells at below market value with a low-interest loan (roughly 2% below 30 year mortgage rates). Should the homeowner later sell, the foundation participates in the appreciation at the time of sale.


– Transitional Housing: There is a shortage of transitional housing yet those at greatest risk need attention to treat the underlying causes while building within them the strong values they need to succeed in life. The foundation may own transitional housing and partner with other non-profit organizations to provide services that promote self-reliance. This could include transitional housing for the homeless population, individuals recovering from drug addiction, those reentering society after serving a prison sentence or assisting battered spouses to transition into a safe environment.

– Workforce Housing: Since affordability has become such a large issue, the foundation may own workforce housing either within a standard neighborhood or as stand-alone communities. Residents who participate in Financial Self Reliance Workshops and pay rent on-time may receive discounts of up to 10% from market rates.



Our focus on education is rooted in the belief that education allows individuals to improve their own lives and those of their loved ones. By supporting education, the Making Life Better Foundation hopes to help individuals who wish to improve themselves, achieve their ambitions and build stronger communities.e

Food Assistance

Food Assistance

A person is food insecure when they lack regular access to enough food, and nutrition for normal growth and development. This may be due to unavailability of food and/or lack of resources to obtain food. Hunger affects all sorts of people. Many people are just one job loss or medical emergency short of not being able to put food on the table.

Children who go hungry are at more risk of repeating grades in school, experiencing developmental impairments in areas like language and motor skills and more likely to have behavioral and social problems.

We know that every day, many of our neighbors don’t get the food they need to live healthy lives.

Funding assistance for:

•  Food pantries and other food provisions

•  Nutrition, cooking, and budgeting classes

•  Aid

•  Raising awareness


The Foundation The individuals contributing to and volunteering for the Making Life Better Foundation come from diverse backgrounds yet support time-tested principles that transcend politics, religion or ethnicity. These principles are based on truth and have been supported by prominent individuals throughout the ages. The foundation is committed to the principles of:


A group of 18 traveled to Agua Prieta, Mexico to build two homes over 3 days. The trip was sponsored by The Making Life Better Foundation and included volunteers from The Challenger Group, Westover Homes, Dream Team, Challenger Homes, and New Home Star.

The team came together to complete the build of two homes for two special families in just one weekend, each including two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a common living area!

The builds are an exercise of teamwork and fellowship. We're so proud of the Challenger team for their work on this amazing humanitarian project and their commitment to #MakingLifeBetter!


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