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Making life better for more than 22 years in Colorado

So you’re thinking of buying a house and you’re wondering whether Westover Homes might be the right builder. It’s true that Westover Homes provides well-built houses ordinary families can afford to purchase and enjoy. At Westover Homes, that’s how we’ve always done it and how Westover Homes always will.


OUR Story

Our story is inspired by the great, great grandfather of the founder of Westover Homes, John Wesley Richardson. You see, more than 200 years ago, John was born in Mississippi.

As a boy, John suffered a terrible eye injury that eventually lead to his complete blindness. While still very young, his family moved to Louisiana where John met and fell in love with Mary Howard.

After marrying and having children, John felt a desire to build a home that would meet the needs of his growing family. Due to his blindness, it was important to John that the home be open and well-balanced. He designed the home himself with a central hallway in the middle and ensured that each side of the house, including windows and doors, would be identical so he could more easily find his way around.


John selected a plot of land right along the banks of the Louisiana bayou that would be open to a good breeze. John even designed a wrap-around porch so his family could enjoy their time in the shade when the southern Louisiana heat hit its peak.

Over the years, their children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren were raised in that home. In fact, that estate stayed in the family for nearly 120 years, meeting the demands of time and the needs of John and Mary’s growing posterity.

Just like John Wesley Richardson built a house that met his needs and the needs of his family, Westover Homes aims to build a home that meets your needs. We try our best to make life better for you, our customer, by building homes and communities that will stand the test of time….and we always will.

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Westover Homes provide well-built houses ordinary families can afford to purchase and enjoy. That’s how our team did it and how we always will. Contact us today to start your real estate journey.

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