Benefits of buying modular


what you need to know about modular homes

Unlike site-built homesmodular houses are built inside a factory in a shorter time frame. They take a matter of weeks to build, rather than months, because they are sheltered from weather-related delays. Modular homes are sometimes subject to different guidelines than site-built homes.

benefits of buying modular

modular home is constructed inside of a factory in parts, so it needs to get transported to its permanent foundation. Once each section of the home has arrived, cranes assemble the parts.  With this, the assembly process is far quicker than building a new site home. 

With 60-90% of construction done in a factory-controlled setting, modular homes are completed 30-50% faster than their conventional real estate counterparts. Construction can happen in a matter of weeks, whereas it takes months to build traditional homes.

As a result of streamlined modular construction and the use of bulk building materials, modular homes cost less to build - about 10-35% less than site-built homes - and are an affordable housing alternative.

Modular constructions are quite resilient and are generally stronger than site-built constructions . They're manufactured in controlled settings and built to endure rough shipping and handling. Construction companies also study the environment of the build site to ensure that the home can withstand elements like strong winds or heavy snowfall.

Modular home companies generally have their own engineering department that uses computer software to design the home for energy efficiency. Additionally, less energy is expended in the building and transportation processes because the majority of construction occurs in a factory.

Compared to conventional constructionmodular construction produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions.

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